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Snow :3

So, it snowed a good foot of snow here in Madison today. Our office closes if Madison public school closes. I felt like a little kid, watching the TV intently as the names of schools went by. And then...Madison Public Schools, Closed! Ha. It's like grade school all over again. I may never be able to leave the apartment again but, you know, sacrifices.



Hey, USA...thanks. We did a good thing. Now, please Mr. Obama, return the favor, 'cause a lot of us believe in you :)


Hey everyone! Sorry I never update. I guess I use twitter for everything I would write in here, and in less time! Plus, you all see that anyway.

So, the cat. I have a few problems that I wonder if you lovely people could help me with. He's still adorable and sitting in the sun right now and loves to cuddle, but... #1 stinky litter in a small apartment. I thought I could deal, but I feel like our apartment smells like poo 24/7. Halp! and #2 the cats HOWLS all night because he's lonely and wants us to come and play. I know this is it, because he also does it when we're out of sight (say, he's lost in the kitchen). He's neutered, so I don't really know why he does it, and it's not terrible but it always wakes me up, and for some reason in this apt I have trouble sleeping. No trouble at my parents house...hm. Problem #3!

I finished Tanya's hat and she said it arrived! I want to see pictures, Tanya! ;D And eventually wedding pictures! And people having babies god, we're so grown up now -tear- I started another hat and I've ripped/frogged it about 4 times because it's either too big or looks funny or whatever. The one I'm half done with now looks okay but, meh, I'm afraid it will be too small again.

I'm jealous of all of you guys with Fable 2, it sounds like so much fun! I'm still plodding through SH:H, slowly. Has anyone noticed in the hotel (first place you go after you pass out) the bathrooms are covered in crap, but the towels are immaculate? I want to leave a hotels.com review that's like:

"Good prices. Immaculate towels. But big potty everywhere."

But I digress.

I went to a halloween party!

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My friends and I looking ghoulish. The theme was "zombie wedding," so my friend and her boyfriend were the bride and groom and my friend and I were the bridesmaids (both in blue, I'm on the left by the man and the crazy red lady, my friend's aunt). It's funny we look similar (blue and with neck wounds) because we didn't plan it, we just showed up looking the same. Kinda how we met on Halloween, six years old, dressed as bats. Oh, memories.

Remember all of you Americunnnnns: VOTE! Vote early, like I did, if you can! It's easy and you save some time standing in lines! I don't care who you vote for (though I'd like it if you choose Obama, ha), just vote! :) There, a little politics for Jack.

New kitty! :D

I got my new kitty last night! He's super sweet, but seems to have a habit of calling for attention. Ha, I hope it's just separation anxiety from all the other kitties he was around in the shelter. I was really afraid he was going to call all night when we put him in the bathroom (want to make sure he knows how to consistently use his litter box before he's on free roam without us around), but he was quiet all night except when I woke up to pee and he was all "playtime? no?" But I don't blame him. He's so sweet :D

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But, I have a problem! A name :( His name was "Lucas," but that's my boyfriend's brother's name, and that's a little weird. So, we're going to rename him, but we're not sure what we like. Here are some we thought of: Marcus, Lucius (to be close to Lucas), Julius (he's orange julius colored!), and, random, Anderson/Andy. What do you guys think? Give me any suggestions too!

Quick pic of my Calorimetry on an actual head.

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Also, Tanya, your hat is about...8 rows away from the cap being done, and then I just have to do the brim (basically another 10 or so rows). I really hope it turns out a LITTLE tighter than mine, because mine sometimes slips over my eyes, haha. If it's still too loose, you can pin the back a little too. But, I'm going to use smaller needles than I did, and the yarn IS wool (so it could be shrunk, but be careful!), so, we'll see.

Job news: I got a callback from Sony, and -goodnews- my interview in Japanese to test my mad skills is going to be IN PERSON rather than over the phone, which is so much easier. It's going to be next week sometime, I'm excited. I need this job so bad it's not funny, and I really hope I get it.

In videogame news: I got Silent Hill: Homecoming! I like it so far, it's atmospheric and scary (the music always gets me, I could be in an empty room but when the "panic" music sets in, I'm a goner), and I like the main character. I haven't gotten TOO far yet (still in Shepard's Glen, about to leave I think, so no spoilers please!), but the monsters are scary yet familiar, though I think they are quite a bit harder to take down. I think that it partially because I'm used to, say, James, who doesn't know how to fight and holds a shotgun at his waist, so the game doesn't have a lot of combat strategy. But since this character is an ex-soldier and they implemented a lot of new combat features, I may just need to learn how to, oh, I dunno, dodge? Ha. But anyway, I really like it so far. Anyone else have it? I think I've asked that everywhere already so, if you already answered on Lumi, no need to re answer :3

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

EDIT: I forgot, I knit him a little catnip kitty! He sort of attacks it pretty ruthlessly, I blame the kitty drugs inside.

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Watched the debate last night. Very interesting. I thought it was very safe and Palin sounded like she was just doing a speech and was gonna say it, damnit, even if they tried to ask her questions! Silly moderator. But I don't really wanna go into politics, knitting is more fun!

Tanya...say hello to your hat! It's in what I fondly call the "titty armor" stage, but it's coming along nicely! The little fibers from the alpaca keep getting in my nose, but, it looks nice!

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Also did a little side project yesterday, only look me about 3-4 hours. It looks weird and uneven because I messed up a little BUT it looks fine on. If I weren't in my jammies with no makeup, y'all would see me in it but, c'est la vie. Maybe later! Anyway, it's a headband/earwarmer based of this.

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Anyway, hopefully going to have a fun weekend. Might see a mooooooovie, who knows!? I'm spontaneous! But me and the boy are also turning into old ladies (yes, both of us) so we might just sit around and knit (me)/read (him). We're boring.

knitting so i can keep knitting

Yup, I finished my fingerless gloves! They're nice and warm. They need a little finishing still, but I got lazy so there are errant strings hanging out everywhere and a hole or two but, damnit, they still look nice. Plus, they'll allow me to knit when it's cold out and I want to wear gloves and I'm...outside knitting. Who knows, it could happen!

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Now onto my next project(s). I've started making a bag to take to the farmer's market/yarn store (god help my bank account if I need a bag when I go there, but I digress), but BARELY started. I also want to make a headband like this out of some super-scratchy-but-beautifully-colored Noro Kureyon (and eventually one like this but I need to find some of that yarn first). And I'm also going to make another hat like the one I did (but with nicer yarn, ha) for Tanya (llian), since she said it would be perfect for her thick hair and because I like making things for my friends :) So y'all are welcome to request something, within reason, as long as you realize I will hopefully be getting a job soon and won't have as much time as I do now!

I had my second interview with Sony Creative yesterday. It wasn't terribly intense, it was mostly a "how much do you know spanish" interview, and they said I did really well, so I'm not worried. They are going to set up the day for me to speak with the woman in Tokyo, but I'm not as worried because they said it would just be a few minutes and well, I hope they don't expect me to be fluent or anything. I'm really out of practice and not even that good in the first place, but oh well. Then they said in about one or two weeks they'll make the final decision...I really hope I get it :D

Have a nice day, everyone :)


So, in a knitting frenzy (which was actually done last friday) I got my hat done! It ended up a little big, because I either knit loose, or the thread was bigger, or I should have believed my instincts when I thought 120 stitches was far too big. So, it's a little rasta on me, but, it looks okay I think!

I also started a couple other things, including a scarf, but what I'm most interested in is my fingerless gloves (we'll call it project 2), which are made out of a lovely llama/silk blend that feels just delightful. Let's hope I don't ruin it. Right now it looks like a penis warmer but I swear it's a glove (much to my boyfriend's chagrin).

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The cat is my kitty Sophie, who lives with my parents. I just liked the picture.

Been jonesing for another Sims expansion, like I said, and I think I've decided on Seasons. However, I just can't bring myself to buy it, even though I spent the same amount at a yarn store the other day. I dunno, it just seems like a more productive hobby than videogaming? That's how I convince myself, anyway.

Speaking of productive, I got a job interview at Sony! It's here in Madison, and it's the creative software division which...I know nothing about, but I can sure fake it. What is scary is they are actually TESTING my foreign language skills. Spanish I'm okay with, I'll just talk to someone in the office, but since no one in the office speaks Japanese they're gonna have me call someone in Tokyo! I know I'll be doing phone customer service but, jeez, my Japanese isn't THAT great and I'll flat out admit I'd need some practice before being set out into the "real" world. Oh well, I've been leafing through my old textbooks just to try and remember certain grammar and vocab. Let's hope for the best because I REALLY need a job.

Hope you all have a nice rest of your weekend!

Random musings

I like my Wii, I really do, and I like my 360, but sometimes I don't understand some of their features. And by features I mean stupid crap I have to deal with.

I rented Fable a few weeks ago, and well, this is the first regular game I've played on my 360, so of course it didn't work right away. At the time I didn't have a router, so I had to go online, download the file, and burn it then put it in the Xbox. Only that was really hard to do because it wouldn't copy, blah blah, I dunno, why in the world is it not backward compatible out of the box? What did I miss that was so different about every Xbox game that some work and some don't? Also, the Wii. I just wanted to play Harvest Moon. But, sadly, I lost my memory card from my Gamecube. Alright, whatever. But the Wii can't save Gamecube games to its harddrive, so I couldn't play anyway. Gragh. Now I want a PS3 just to see what stupid crap it does.

-hugs her DS- At least you're good to me, baby.

Speaking of features, don't hate me, but I changed back to a plus account on here. I have firefox + adblocker plus, so I don't even see the ads, and I get so much more fun stuff! *_* So, get firefox and adblocker and we'll all be golden. Firefox @ firefox.com and adblocker plus is just a google search away!

Anyway, back onto more games: the Sims 2. And by that, I mean Apartment Life. Does anyone have it? I thought about getting it, but I have a lot of mods so I was thinking I should wait a bit to make sure they're all compatible. But while I wait, if you have it, let me know what you think about it. I also don't have Free Time or Seasons, so if you think one of those is better, let me know, because I'm itching for a new EP.

Heading back to the Indiana for the first time in forever. My brother is going to a chili cookoff/contest. He does it every year, and I like to support him, even though he hasn't won. He thinks it's all bureaucracy, haha, he gets very intense. This year my mom is helping so I'm sure it will be amazingly awesome chili so I have to go. Nomnomnom.

So, I watched two movies this weekend, "The Orphanage" and "Tropic Thunder." The Orphanage was really great, I really liked it. It's kind of scary and sad, but not too scary if you happen to hate horror movies or something. If you have seen Guillermo del Toro's "The Devil's Backbone," it's similar in feel and scariness. I highly recommend it. "Tropic Thunder" was pretty funny. I think it was offensive, but I'm neither black nor mentally handicapped, so I guess I wasn't offended. But, I like South Park, so I guess I'm used to "make fun of everyone" humor. It kept me entertained, though some parts dragged on a little. But if you're looking for laughs and aren't easily offended, check it out.

Yes, it is a slow blog day. Maybe I will finish my hat, it's almost done...ish. I have to make the band still and I'm not quite sure I understand the pattern. Here's hoping!
As you all remember, I'm making (well, trying to make) this. Not as a chemo cap obviously, because I thankfully do not have cancer, but just as a nice winter hat since Wisconsin is cold. Yup. Keep in mind I'm a noob knitter, so these awesome shots may look like mangled messes to expert knitters. So, if you are an expert knitter, feel free to (nicely) tell me how to do something better, easier, etc. I want to learn!

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In non knitting news, I started up playing Animal Crossing again. I have wifi in my house, so if anyone wants to visit towns, let me know! I still have some of your friend codes saved :) My house is still tiny because I never sell anything for money because I'm lazy and just like talking to my neighbors! Oh well.

Project #1

Well, this is going to be my first knitting project for this livejournal. I'll admit I'm not very good, and half of my projects are unfinished because they either end up too big or too small or whatever. I also found out that stockinette stitch tends to curl, especially in acrylic yarn, so that explains my tiny cabled scarf on the floor. It had so much promise, and it's very pretty, but it curled so much it's like a little cabled tube. I manged to make one "scarf," but it was nothing special. So, I'm going to try to step it up a notch and try something new. It might not work, but I'm sure to learn a couple things. Then, I'm going to try and make a complimenting/matching scarf and man, I'm just gonna be the envy of the neighborhood.

Anyway, I'm going to start this today. It looks above my skill level, but when I read the pattern it isn't completely over my head (except for the part about casting on in the middle of the pattern. I don't know if that means cast on 13 more, or start on a new needle? Help?). So yeah, I'll take pictures of my progress and you guys can see how awesomely terrible I am at knitting.

Also: trying to finish Mass Effect. I start playing and get really into it during a mission, but afterwards I'm so tempted to just NOT start up another one. I am a total goldfish gamer.

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